Gold Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

This package is designed as a mid range solution for a small to mid size website enabling you to enhance your online presence. This package is appropriate for a website that is properly registered and
has mid to high competition for selected key word phrases relevant to its location and industry. This package must be done in conjunction with fee based directory and free directory listings to achieve optimal results. It expands the relationship with our team giving you access to our marketing advice and resources. Fishbowl services include the following;

1.) Summary Reports

  • Monthly Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs)
  • Traffic Monitoring and Site Metrics
  • “Competitive Analysis” and Reports

2.) Search Engine Optimization Maintenance

  • Search Engine algorithm monitoring
  • Coding maintenance based on algorithm changes

3.) Link Optimization and Ongoing Link Popularity Growth (PageRank)

  • Strategic Link Analysis
  • Weighting factors of inbound links, e.g. PageRank, IP C-Class, number of outbound links
  • Algorithm change updates
  • Monthly GAP Competition Analysis (difference between you and your competition)
  • Acquiring new inbound links (up to 60 links)
    • One way links
    • Reciprocal links
    • 3 way links (different C Classes)
    • Targeting multiple Anchor Text Phrases
  • Maintaining the Resources (Link) pages and database

4.) Pay Per Click Campaigns (optional)

  • €1,500 minimum monthly campaign
  • 15% charge for campaign management
Please note that the SEO package is offered on a minimum 6 month basis.

Client agrees not to interfere in any way with the ongoing SEO process which includes but is not limited to the usage of automated ranking and submission tools and software.

Results – significant increase in traffic and conversion within 3-6 months. Clients will be able to assess results in the following manner;

i) Increase targeted traffic based on individuals narrowing their searches for the relevant product or service. A more targeted search offers a higher conversion rate due to the quality of searches.

ii) Measurable ROI based on comprehensive monthly reports.
Fishbowl recommends the use of WebTrends, the most intuitive, and interactive web analytics solution. WebTrends maximizes return on investment by measuring conversion, customer lifetime value, results from paid and organic search, and the effectiveness of different campaign variables.

iii) More effective marketing through a proven channel for companies to extend their business both domestically and internationally.
Results – A properly registered site will enjoy more targeted traffic and better presence on Search Engines and Directories.

This plan is for web sites that face huge competition for their major keywords and who want to be the top!


There is no minimum contract. We are confident our results will satisfy your expectations. You are only required to pay on a month by month basis. An average duration will usually be 12 months.


Cost depends largely on how competitive your industry is and the current condition of your website. We believe each project should be judged on its own merits.


Spectrum Signs says: "We're now first for 'signs in westmeath' in Google. We can not ask for more than that! Fishbowl has enabled us to double our sales overnight! Our Adwords campaign is also a huge success. A big thanks to the Fishbowl team."

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